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Domestic residential care for intellectual disabled

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Stichting Singelier — Foundation Singelier in English — is a small-scale form of housing for people with an intellectual disability, with or without a sensory impairment, located at Luddeweersterweg 6 in Luddeweer, The Netherlands.

Small-scale private residential care needs long-term and real involvement.

The mission is to offer everyone a nice home. A place where people feel safe and valued, where everyone can be themselves and where there is room for personal growth and development. In order to achieve this goal, we believe that small-scale is essential. The foundation therefore chooses to offer housing and guidance to a maximum of four residents per location.

Each location has four separate living studios. Each living studio offers maximum independence and privacy and is equipped with its own sitting-bedroom, bathroom and kitchen unit. There is also a shared laundry room and communal kitchen where everyone can come together.

Melissa and Sarina

From the management and caregivers of Singelier.

Our dream was, and still is, a small-scale form of housing for people with intellectual disabilities. But we underestimated the business aspect of setting up our dream in a proper way. Ron crossed our path at the right time. He has the knowledge and experience in the business field and the clear view to guide us in founding an organization and realizing our dream. We do not only take benefit from his business experience, but he also helps us to grow mentally via his coaching. He is a nice addition to our form of living. Not only because of the aspects mentioned above, but also because of his empathy and dedication to our clients.

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