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Flockin’ is an online web application for creating surveys and gathering valuable feedback from employees within an organization. Flockin’ strives to be simplistic, providing you with the tools to do the following:

  1. Build
    Create surveys from scratch or using a template, asses new ideas and collect feedback. Drastically improving workflow’s for consultancies.
  2. Connect
    Stay in the flow, be proactive and test ideas directly during meetings. Therefore generating involvement among colleagues.
  3. Analyse
    Evaluate your anonymous survey responses using real-time graphs and investigate the follow-up options yourself of with a personalized consultant.
  4. Apply
    Implement the things you’ve learned on your own or with a personalized consultant and boost you organization’s productivity, innovation, flexibility and more.

Your new organization

Building organizations where the human element is at its very core.

Similar to DUCKMADE’s mission, Flockin’ believes in Society 4.0. A society where the human element is front and center, unlike industry 4.0 where technology comes first. Flockin’s execution is simple: citizenship and vitality for your new organization. Let us examine each term in further detail:

  1. Citizenship
    Your position within the new organization is partly determined by the extent in which you want to be involved in its results. How does your role and value among the team reflect on your own qualities, current position and desired position within the organization?
  2. Vitality
    The balance between the mental and physical condition is the key for generating productivity. A balance between the two results in strength and energy in the workplace that is more than just power and muscles.
  3. New organization
    The outcome of the prior two conditions is your new organizational structure. A new structure that is as unique as your company!

Flockin’ helps you and your organization to make the transition towards a new society. Interested? Visit the website for more information and pricing details.

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