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At DUCKMADE we’d like to provide anyone, experienced or not, with the technological knowledge and expertise to get started with their next journey, whether you’re looking for basic technical support or a full-on IT solution for your business.

We offer you a personalized experience in which you’ll get full access to one of our IT specialists. Together with our specialist, you’ll investigate the possibilities and decide on the solution that fits your journey best. The implementation of your chosen solution is done in close collaboration with you. We’ll provide you with guidance and support throughout the service duration, from the very start to the very end.

We are no IT consultancy

We don’t refer to ourselves as an IT consultancy. Our IT services are, first and foremost, always focused on you. We understand very well that IT might not be as easy — or even interesting — topic for you to fully understand and/or master, therefore, we keep it simple: we provide you with the IT service you’re looking for with or without the so-called ‘IT consultancy bullshit’. The choice is completely up to you!

When booking one of our specialists, you’ll not only get in touch with someone who has an active background in IT, but most importantly you’ll get in touch with a member of DUCKMADE. Someone who is honest and driven, with an interest in technology and helping others. In other words, a mentor and critical thinker.

This entire process might be a bit different from what you’re used to, and is not necessarily going to be easy for either of us, however, we truly believe that the end result will be well worth it. If you’re up to it, then so are we!

Our contribution to you

Since this service is limited to the diversity of expertise among our specialists we can currently offer support for the following services:

  • Web development
    Everything web related like websites, webshops and web applications. From low-code and no-code based solutions, to fully custom ones developed using code and existing frameworks.
  • Application development
    Custom software applications that run on a local computer or laptop (non-web related).
  • Domain management
    We can help you purchase and maintain a domain name for your business needs.
  • Website and application hosting
    Similar to our domain management, we can also help you host your application, whether it’s made by us or someone else.
  • General technical support
    We are also there for you in case you just need some technical consultation without us necessarily building anything.

Our expertise is continuously expanding and we remain eager to learn new things. Please feel free to contact us if our services don’t exactly fit your needs, so we can make adjustments where possible. Below you’ll find a growing list of technologies we currently have sufficient levels of experience with:

  • Languages
    HTML, CSS (including LESS and SASS), JavaScript (including TypeScript), Python, Java, R, Bash, MySQL, Common Lisp.
  • Frameworks
    React.js, Redux, Jest, Gatsby, Bootstrap, Bulma, TensorFlow.
  • Applications
    Docker, VS Code, Git

Our organizers

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Wout van Helvoirt

CEO, board member and founding partner


What can you expect from this service

  • The first orientation meeting takes place via online call and is free of charge.
  • The hour rate for an IT specialist is depended of the duration and complexity of your request.
  • Costs related to domain management or hosting are for the customer.

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