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Part of the system experience comes through what a team believes is possible and what is not possible. Those beliefs, deeply held, impact the choices the team is accustomed to make and will result in a more successful team overall.

A team is a living system and much more than just a collection of individual parts. A team as a system has rules for belonging and behavior. Those rules cannot be found in your typical employee handbook.

You know when you are dealing with a successful team. You can feel it in the attitude of the team; it’s in the air, in the posture, in the tone of the informal conversation. However, we all know how difficult it can be to create a successful team.

It can be hard when things are not going so well in the team. The entity is lost and every member operates as its own individual, the voice of the team is absent and the circumstances with the team to operate needs preventive help. Perhaps there are disagreements about objectives or the ways of working. Every person is different, and sometimes the ‘match’ between the team members is not self-evident. Team coaching makes these matters negotiable, in a constructive way.

For us, team coaching is an integral approach that takes place demand-driven and ‘on the job’ to work on leadership and organizational development. We use individual coaching and team coaching with a focus on the entire system. No imaginary situations but direct interventions aimed at the interaction between the team members.

The number of team coaching meetings is determined in consultation and is strongly depending on the required intervention. A preceding orientation meeting will be used to determine the nature and the duration of the overall service.

Practical information

  • An orientation meeting is free of charge.
  • The intake meeting takes place via online call and lasts 60 minutes.
  • We’re happy to make a custom proposal that fits your team.

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