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We are fully committed to a society in which everyone can implement his or her business ideas. A society where everyone is more than welcome! Join our movement and may we, together, start realizing your long withheld idea.

We realize that turning the boat is not that easy. In fact, it’s easier said than done. We know that all too well. Nevertheless, our true belief is that the present economy will collapse sooner or later and that radical new ideas are needed to move us forward. We have used these challenging times to reevaluate ourselves and truly implement our mission and vision. We’ve quit our jobs and current activities in order to establish DUCKMADE. At DUCKMADE, we are fully committed to a society in which everyone can implement his or her business ideas. A society where everyone is more than welcome and everyone matters. This is our dream and our contribution to a new world.

You can make use of our years of experience, from a multitude of fields. Do you only need a simple conversation or do you prefer a full coaching program? Do you want us to stay involved in the set-up as well as the first year of operation or are you looking for a business partner for a longer period of time? It's all possible. The choice is entirely up to you.

Take our first space — that’s how we call our projects or communities — Singelier for example. Singelier is a small-scale form of housing for people with an intellectual disability and has been working with us in close collaboration since early 2021, with many years to come. As a result, we have started orientation meetings for a second space: two healthcare nurses who are not satisfied with the current healthcare systems and would like to start a small organization providing personalized training programs in healthcare. Anything is possible!

We thrive on our spaces! That means that we encourage everyone to start building their own space, on your own or together with others. Anything that builds on top of our mission and vision will do.

This platform is run by a dedicated team who are, together, committed to freedom of choice and who want to create a new way of living collectively.

Practical information

  • Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and people.
  • Contribute to a free society without exclusion of any kind.
  • Start today and make your dream come true.

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