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It takes courage and faith to let go

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Ask yourself: What lives me? What convincing obstacle do I have in order to become free? Do I possess the will to freedom and do I act from within yourself? Start today recognizing your transformational potential.

The way to a higher consciousness; it’s a deep dive into your ‘Operating System’.

Ask yourself: What lives me? What beliefs do I have that limit my ability to be free? Do I possess the will to freedom? Do I act from within yourself?

When you’ve awaken to your full potential, you’ll stand differently into this world. You’ll start to realize that you’re being evoked by a narrative and hidden programs. But wait, there is more... You’ll realize that the reality in which you live is severely limited. You’ll figure out that you are an energetic being made of light and pure love, with an incredible transformation potential deep inside of you. Once you comprehend this beautiful fact, you’ll start to relate to the world in a very different way. Only then you’ll see that every action from the right frequency impacts the entire field and how it impacts around you.

Don’t listen to what anyone else is saying. Do you feel the belief that the true being of man is more than you can possibly perceive with your senses? Are looking for your highest destination? Then start today recognizing your transformational potential.

I give you the exhortation: after all, the power to recognize your truth always comes from the inside of you. You can be sure that these transformational sessions will bring you to your own perceptions. Feel what something does to you, then act accordingly. That’s the way, even if it is not easy. This is how you’ll develop your strength and freedom.

Practical information

  • Each consultation lasts 75 minutes.
  • The whole course includes 6 coaching sessions.
  • The consultation takes place in our office at Groningen or Oslo.
  • Book for 9.800 NOK or € 980,- excl. VAT.

Please take into account a waiting time of 2/3 weeks.

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