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A personal transformation consultation answers your call for finding more meaning and purpose; to better connect with who you are and to transition into a better life, or to attain your highest consciousness. You may be looking for mentoring or inner work.

You feel the need for more meaning and understanding. You want to free yourself from the belief system based on secondhand information. Deep inside, you’re aware that nothing really is what you’re told and that none of it makes any sense.

Mentoring, inner work or coaching will support you with your personal growth via conscious transformation. A personal consultation gives you insight into your default settings, subconscious thoughts, laws of the universe and conscious living. You’ll get answers to the questions that are currently playing in your life by understanding why you’re not really free. So let’s establish this freedom. Once you’ll do this, all the doorways will be wide-open. We’re helping you realize what information you’ve had access to and what you’ve been able to make of it. It’s good to understand that there is so much more information out there to consume. You can learn, trust and use your intuition to make the best estimates you can, by knowing your biggest obstacle: lack of freedom.

The resulting effect of a consultation is that you can look at yourself with more understanding. It makes you aware of processes and patterns in your life. This insight has a permanent value, since it allows you to recognize where things are likely to go wrong. This gives you the opportunity to choose and direct your life in a different, more conscious way. You also get a much clearer picture of what you need and what works best for you!

Practical information

  • The consultation takes place via online call ands lasts 75 minutes.
  • You’ll receive a copy of the consultation via download.
  • Book for 2.450 NOK or € 245,- excl. VAT.

Please take into account a waiting time of 2/3 weeks.

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