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Congratulations with your new job! You’re finally in a position where you can, and should, make a difference! But how do you persevere in these times of rapid changes without losing yourself? How busy are you with managing the everyday operation?

The most successful executives & leaders have a coach at some point in their career. There may be many times in a leader’s career when they need outside support — especially during times of change, promotions, external challenges, mergers, or simply to increase the leadership skill.

According to Spinoza, intuition is the highest human gift. Unfortunately, intuition is often still unheard of in executive positions. And that, while consciousness, is gradually becoming more and more of a driving force in life and all business development.

Once you understand how you can show your inside, your consciousness, through the outside, the material, you’ll be able to perceive yourself and your environment from a position of calmness and relaxation. This makes you more open to ideas as well as the people around you. As a result, you’ll start to react remarkably different, you’ll stay close to yourself, and threats turn into opportunities.

I myself was shaped in the dynamic world of production. Soon, I had the opportunity to join management, and after several board positions I eventually became CEO of a large production company. In parallel, I was a part-time college lecturer in management skills. After I left the company as CEO, I started working as an interim for large private and public organizations. Every time, I noticed how bad things were with personal guidance and that, therefore, it almost always went wrong within the top of the board as well as in the middle management functions. As a result, officials did not function, often resulting in resignation. Completely unnecessary!

I am familiar with the circumstances and challenges you face every day. As a coach, I can make the match between what is driving you, and who you really are in relation to your work. Or perhaps, you’ll reach a completely different and surprising conclusion.

Practical information

  • The counselling session lasts 75 minutes.
  • Associated NOBCO VEC member.
    (Dutch organization for professional coaches - Executive Coaching)
  • Book for 2.250 NOK or € 225,- excl. VAT.

Please take into account a waiting time of 2/3 weeks.

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