This shit’s got to go!

By Ron van Helvoirt on Feb 07, 2022

A double stranded piece of dna

Photo by Sangharsh Lohakare on Unsplash

We’re destroying the very earth that we inhabit for the sake of addiction at profit and power. These forms of addiction are far more devastating in their social consequences than the ones we are usually attributed to (e.g., heroin and cocaine addiction to name a few). To be more specific, addiction can by defined as any form of behavior that is associated with the craving of temporary relief, and its long-term negative consequences.

Just as with many things in our lives, we barely realize our own addictions. Simple ones would be workaholism and addiction to shopping, internet usage and playing video games. While complex ones have the power to make already powerful people, crave even more power. To a point where nothing is ever enough.

Profit and power are the ruling factors. Company owners, CEO’s and their shareholders are actively encouraged to make more profit and, in return, receive perverse bonuses when successful. Legally, there are no negative consequences, while their negative environmental impact is carelessly pushed into the hands of the next generation. It seems that we don’t care at all, as long as the products we produce are accessible to us... now.

Extraordinary negative exceptions in the behavior of people, such as violence and fraud or antisocial behavior, are attributed to their congenital characteristics: they’re genetically defined. The idea is that it can’t be the system itself, therefore, the flaw must be within the wiring somewhere! In my opinion this is — and there are always exceptions — nonsense. Our genetics play a contributing role to how we respond to our environment, however, the genetics narrative ignores the social, economic and political factors that in fact underlie many troublesome behaviors.

Debt is capitalism’s dirty little secret.

Financial Times on Jun 30, 2009

The global banking system is corrupt and exists only by the debt we eagerly enter ourselves into, capitalism’s dirty little secret. Several years ago, the World Bank estimated that at least 1.4 billion people worldwide survive on fewer than $1.25 US Dollars (USD) per day. Someone with less money available to them is, by their definition, called ‘poor’. With an average tax burden of around 60% — paid for via your income and purchased goods, related to poverty around the globe — it isn’t strange to think that something is terribly wrong.

This shit’s got to go! The rules of the contemporary economy are inherently immoral. We have to refuse pledging our allegiance to such a system. As an alternative, we would all pledge our allegiance to the earth and the laws recorded by the universe. We need to stop the madness, now!

Make room for your intuitive resistance to the system. The moment has arrived to growth in consciousness. Consciousness will change the balance of power by moving it away from tyranny, and towards worldwide unity for freedom and justice. In parallel to growing your consciousness, your desire to seek out more interdependent people, or co-creative partnerships, will sharply rise. We literally need more light to stimulate our slow reflections on reality, and to truly realize who we are. When the spark finally hits, a new world will reveal itself to you. You’ll meet like-minded people without having to search for it. Simply on the street or in a coffee shop, without asking about the universal connection. There is so much beauty out there. Now, go out, and explore!

I’m curious to know what my writing evokes in you. What’s your view on this subject, and what possibilities do you observe? Join the conversation and share your thoughts in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you!

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