The end of biological man

By Ron van Helvoirt on Jan 17, 2022

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In this post, I argue that the biological man will always exist and never disappear. To understand how that’s possible, we’ll have to understand history on a larger scale and pinpoint all major events from the last 6.000 years as well as more recent ones like: the JFK assassination; the 1969 moon landing; the attacks on 9/11, including building seven; letters laced with anthrax; SARS-CoV-2, its variants and the PCR-test; artificial intelligence and transhumanism; the recent wars in the Middle East; explanations for UFO’s and other phenomena; and many more. All of these examples are appearances of ones undermining of the biological man.

Understanding history as a whole is particularly interesting and can be very shocking, at least to some, once one realizes that a lot of it is not what it seems. We have been lied to! In this post I will limit myself to consciousness and humanities, and in particular the connection between body-soul-spirit, because within understanding who we really are lies — in my strongly belief — the only way out to freedom.

Man in literature

In the book ‘Theosophy’ (1904), Rudolf Steiner gave the first complete description of the human and worldview of anthroposophy. Steiner describes man as a being who is in contact with the world in three different ways: through his body, his soul and his spirit. He justifies the thought of reincarnation and karma, and sketches a wide panorama of the transcendental world and life after death. Finally, he describes a path to inner development that is passable for every human being in current day and age.

Barry Long uses a similar definition. In his book ‘The Origins of Man and The Universe’ (1984), Long describes his extraordinary vision of the structure of existence, evolution and the human mind.

Both books are fascinating reads and provide a lot of insight into our origin.

Spirit, Soul and Body

In order to find the answer to my initial argument, you’ll have to profound the connection between discovery of the universe and self-discovery as well as scientific knowledge and self-knowledge. It’s a deep dive into your being, and I promise you that it’s all worth it. However, because it’s impossible to adequately describe the scope and range of its subject matter — since it encompasses everything we are able to perceive and much that we can only know through spiritual insight — I’ll limit myself to Spirit, Soul and Body for now.

Before I explain more about the human mind, you’ll have to fully adopt the hypothesis of eternal life, without any judgment at forehand. I use the word ‘God’ in a universal sense — as one entity — and not that of a religious belief. You can use the word ‘God’ as you please since it’s not relevant to understand the principle of Spirit, Soul and Body. I use the word ‘earth’ in context of material or origin.

There are three kinds of entities: plants, animals and humans. Plants are shaped out of the earth and therefore they have a form, a body. When they die, they return to the earth as compost for new life. Animals also have a body that’s shaped out of the earth. Animals have a circulation system in which blood is the soul, the invisible part of the body, that regulates the emotional reactions as well as the needs and desires. The soul is a synonym for life and character.

…the LORD God formed the man of dust from the ground…

Genesis 2:7

According to Genesis 2:7, man is also shaped out of the earth. This doesn’t seem unreasonable because Adam implies Red, the clay from the earth. So, when man needs a body to express, the body becomes the material part of man. However, as we know, man is more than just a body. It has an invisible component, one which cannot be touched by you. It is what we call the spirit, and without the spirit the body would be lifeless or dead. The spirit is the real you, and you are part of your spirit family. The real you is light and love. An eternal cosmic consciousness. Man exists of two parts: the visible and invisible, the body and the spirit. So when man dies, the body goes back to the earth and the spirit goes back to the spirit family. That’s where the difference lies between animals and humans. Souls of animals go back to the soul family and not to the world of spirits.

The question we have to ask is: do man, besides a body and spirit, also have a soul? Without any doubt, yes man has a spirit, soul and body. Aristotle held the belief that humans ‘share a rational principle’ that differentiates them from other animals. The notion of the person stresses the uniqueness of every human individual and the corresponding dignity of each.

As I wrote earlier, we have to see the universal consciousness — or ‘God’ so to speak — as one whole. Therein lies diversity in unity. There is male and female, together they are one unity. The individual also has a distinction, one between the inner and outer world. The confusion between the soul and spirit is their function. The spirit describes the inner life in connection with the universal consciousness. The soul on the other hand, describes the same life — the mind, your will and emotions — but in connection with the body, the material world. The soul connects the spirit — your (holy) wisdom, communion desire and conscience — with the body. That means that the spirit has no direct connection with the body and, therefore, requires the soul as a medium.

Inner work

I think we all know by now that the heart is love and light and that it’s inside of every spirit, including yours. That means that your heart is connected with the spirit. Your spirit — your consciousness — is permanently and unconditionally connected with the universal consciousness, the universal wisdom. The wisdom of all spirits are united within this universal wisdom. Through your connection with the universal wisdom, you’re able to retrieve all the information you need as well as to give back information. This essentially feeds the universal wisdom, expanding it as a result. Other spirits can make use of your wisdom via their own connection to the universal wisdom.

The problem nowadays is, that we’ve been forcibly driven away from our hearts for centuries. And, if that’s not already bad enough, there is an ongoing war on our soul by use of artificial intelligence and transhumanism. What’s left is only the body — the material — where only technology rules!

We ask ourself many times: who am I? And what is my destiny and purpose in live? Your ‘I’ is not the body, still it is the spirit and soul. Your ‘I’ is the centre of your personality. Without the ‘I’ you cannot exist or at least, you’ll be out of balance like the majority of man is today.

The only way out of this terrible scenario is by finding back the wisdom of our hearts. You’ll realize that the reality in which you live is severely limited. You’ll figure out that you’re an energetic being made of light and pure love, with an incredible transformation potential deep inside of you. Once you comprehend this beautiful fact, you’ll start to relate to the world in a very different way. Only then you’ll see that every action from the right frequency impacts the entire field, and how it impacts around you.

Creating a better world

Through this transformation you’ll receive a new heart, a new spirit; you’ll draw the universal spirit within; you’ll start to talk according to the statues of the universal consciousness; you’ll be careful to obey the rules of the cosmic; and finally, you’ll be able to recognize where your actions and desires come from: your inner or outer man? Just remember, you’re not in the body but in the spirit. As a result, your body will start to change, step-by-step. Can you imagine what happens to you then?

With warm regards, Ron

P.S. If you enjoyed this read, perhaps you’d be interested to read the following books?

  • Long, B. (1998), ‘The Origins of Man and The Universe’
  • Steiner, R. (1904), ‘Theospohie. Einführung in übersinnliche Welterkenntnis und Menschenbestimming’ (German)
  • Sheldrake, R. (2012), ‘The Science Delusion’
  • Messing, M. (2006), ‘Worden wij wakker?’ (Dutch)

I’m curious to know what my writing evokes in you. What’s your view on this subject, and what possibilities do you observe? Join the conversation and share your thoughts in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you!

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