The embodiment of mind – consciousness in seven levels of mind

By Ron van Helvoirt on Jan 31, 2022

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These series of lecture notes on consciousness are primarily aimed at people who have another view — are lead by freedom of choice and independency of mankind. Hopefully it will also be useful for other individuals who seek to understand the basic principles and undertake the knowledge of the mind. There is a strong believe that it will serve as a guideline to make a real transformation by knowledge and carry out a new society.

In general, these lectures notes try to cover the major complexity of life to the eternal essence at the centre of everything, and in particular the function of consciousness in our own existence.

The following methodology is used: general learning objectives followed by introductory sections, specific to each chapter, are placed at the beginning of most of the chapters. It is also important to note that these posts are primarily based on scientific papers and books, and secondarily on spiritual insights.

Ask yourself this...

Letting go, living in the moment. Millions of people take mindfulness and yoga training courses every day, and year after year. Spiritual teachers are all over the globe. The industry is doing well. But does all of this really help you?

How come, after a period of happiness, I am not able to hold on to that feeling?
The main reason is that you have to go beyond all those practical trainings. Simply because the moment you step back into your daily life, the atmosphere you experienced during the training sessions is no longer there. You are not in the position to bring yourself back into it, nor do you have the knowledge. It is precisely the lack of knowledge that is the problem; now you have learned a trick!

Knowing makes you unconsciously competent and, vice versa, not knowing makes you consciously incompetent. And, conscious incompetence results in doubt and fear.

Why is my awakening taking too long?
You have to realize that, over more than thousands of years, programs — predetermined instructions for you to follow — keep you away from the universal consciousness. As a result, and over many generations, these programs get stored into the memory of every single cell in your body. They become part of you, without you necessary being aware of it. So it isn’t that strange to think that a recovery from these programs will take time. In order to fully understand this process, you’ll have to go through the knowing of it all. The dark side of consciousness cannot be forgotten in this process otherwise one will end up with duality.

Why is it happening?
The important question you never get an answer on is: Why is it happening? The human spirit has turned slave to the ego, and ‘big brother’ tells us what to do. We have lost our ability to suffer — by falling and getting back up — and gave up our believe in the infinity of our existence. Both are incredibly important to develop, and expand, our wisdom.

Artificial intelligence has taking over and therefore we are no longer at the top in the food chain. Our connection to the universal consciousness is being cut. We became totality narcissistic in our mindset. That’s an important part of capitalism; power and benefits by just a few people. We gave our individual power away to someone else, eager to take it over from us!

The soul has left the human spirit: humanity has fallen into a zombie state where, after one’s death, the body serves solely as food for the worms and bacteria in the soil. The only thing that our body represents is the degeneracy of our collective human bodies. What remains of humanity are robot-like creatures, carved from flesh. This worrying state of being will only get worse upon the arrival of the so-called metaverse...

We have to take our individual power back, and use it to create meaning in our own lives! Right now, we have an opportunity to actually change this world for the better. Standing in our essential of being connected with het morphogenetic field. It is not woolly; it is misunderstood dynamics of infinite intelligence.

Introduction to the series

What is consciousness?
Consciousness is the quintessence of philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, and several other fields of studies. Before we take the deep dive into consciousness and ‘the seven levels of terrestrial mind’, we’ll briefly have to go back to the beginning, see what structures of mind are at work in creation and how existence is formed.

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I’m curious to know what my writing evokes in you. What’s your view on this subject, and what possibilities do you observe? Join the conversation and share your thoughts in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you!

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