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By Wout van Helvoirt on Jun 24, 2021

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At DUCKMADE, we have made some significant changes in the last few months in what we stand for and what we want to achieve. While no-code is still very relevant in Industry 4.0, and inherently in Society 4.0, we believe that it's not everything. The truth is that the tools and technologies we use only play a small part in our transformational processes. We feel the need to address the real elephant in the room.

How did we get here?

In my last blog post, I discussed the origins, benefits and downsides of the many industrial revolutions we have endured, as well as the one we are currently facing. I also talked about how we should re-imagine Industry 4.0, and the capitalistic ideologies that drive it, in a way where our holistic perspectives are front and center. A new form of society where Industry 4.0 doesn't define our ideas, but simply acts as the means to enable our ideas. We call this citizen based society: Society 4.0.

The current global regulations have seen many changes since the last blog post. From the limited possibility of opening up countries again for travel and other leisure activities, to introducing various additional regulatory measures like 'proof-of-vaccination' passports. With the world seemingly opening up, are we really that naive to uphold our own beliefs, grounded upon pseudo-science, with which we have comforted ourselves during the last year?

For years, even decades now, we have moved towards a more connected future. Things have been said and acted upon in order to realize these very goals and, in case you haven't noticed it yet, COVID-19 (not to be mistaken with SARS-CoV-2) has long gone. Conversations regarding this topic on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and many others are feel outdated and stale. It's like two sides talking (if you'd call it talking...) to the each other without making any progress, seemingly stuck in last year's time. In this seemingly active discussion we are easily blinded by our own beliefs, and most importantly, ready to give up one of the very things that makes us human: connection and communication. In the meantime, the world keeps on turning and DUCKMADE is not sitting still.

Wait, what elephant, and what room?

As mentioned earlier, the tools and technologies we use only play a small part in our transformational processes. Making plans and getting started on something in an organization might not necessarily result in issues. Lacking the know-how, expertise and general understanding on the other hand, does. Transitions and transformations are also not definitive. When you believe you're done with one, another one might be around the corner. Besides the fact that it's not maintainable, it's also difficult to keep up in the long run. A company could easily start to fall behind the competition while forgetting to take care of its most crucial assets: the employees!

Without the human element, the speed at which any organization can adapt to internal and external forces naturally decreases drastically. More importantly, the lack of inclusion among employees introduces anti-democratic behavior into the organization, resulting in various problems like: more mistakes (e.g., financial, etc.) being made by single high position individuals; less equity among employee positions and salaries; less input in organizational processes for low position employees; an overall decrease in creativity and the number of healthy discussions.

Elephant in middle of room
Avoiding the elephant will result in many more issues.

Addressing the elephant requires a new form of room. A type of room where direct feedback and communication systems, the essential structures of Society 4.0, are used to increase inclusivity, widen participation and generate discussion. When done correctly, these systems will bring everyone within the organization back to their fundamental values while also incorporating reason back into its very core. A paradigm shift is absolutely necessary if we all wish to achieve this.

Addressing the elephant

We believe in persuasion, belief, energy and flow. Combining all of these together will get you something we'd call citizenship and vitality: our foundation towards a new human first and inclusive organizational structure.

Flockin logo
Our new addition to the DUCKMADE family: Flockin'

Building upon our new foundation, we introduce Flockin'. Flockin' is a simple web-based application that captures the essence of citizenship and vitality. Flockin' aims to increase employee involvement within an organization by reducing the time spend in slow, and sometimes endless, meetings. Why not just ask employees directly for their valuable input to shape the direction of the organization, and at whatever time suits them best?

Having a good overview of an organization's employees and their roles within is crucial when attempting to understand the organization. An organizational structure is determined by many different things like the forms of consultation, the decision-making process and communication among its employees. The balance of each of these things, as well as many others, is unique per organization. What this balance is for your organization depends on its citizenship and vitality. This is exactly were Flockin' comes into play.

With Flockin' you can quickly evaluate new and existing ideas within a team and/or organization. You'll be able to define your own questions or use our transformational survey templates to get your started. Upon completion, you can notify the relevant people within the organization to fill out the survey(s) and, in return, you'll receive the responses. Most importantly, the outcomes will guide you into taking the next steps towards bringing your organization closer to its goals. Additionally, we'll provide you with the necessary expertise and consultancy to keep your organization on its own right, and unique, track.

Flockin' is currently being developed, however, we are expecting to bring out an initial release very soon. Keep an eye out on the Flockin' website and stay on the lookout for any upcoming blog posts and/or contact us for more information!

I’m curious to know what my writing evokes in you. What’s your view on this subject, and what possibilities do you observe? Join the conversation and share your thoughts in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you!

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