What’s holding you back?

By Tineke Luimstra on Feb 23, 2021

Stop sign

Photo by Nick Wright on Unsplash

The question you should ask yourself is: What’s holding you back?

‘Our contract, it’s off’. ‘We can’t do business anymore’. ‘No, we are not going to do it’.’ ‘I would love to, but these times won’t let me’, ‘No, we have to make choices now’. How many times have you heard this in the past few months?

Sometimes, things in life happen which you cannot understand. Sometimes, things in life happen which are beyond your control. And sometimes, no matter how hard you try to understand, you really don’t understand at all. And yes, that is frustrating. But that’s okay. As time passes by, advice will come is what they used to say. And I do believe that this is still relevant for now. Focussing on that final goal, the rest is not important. We’ll see how it goes; all we can do is work towards that result for which we used to work that hard for a reason. Stop worrying and go for it. I am convinced that only this will take you further.

Even though situations can be non-understandable and beyond your control, this does not mean that it will not happen to you. The corona crisis is an example of this situation. You have no influence on it, but do experience the consequences, either private or business wise. Many entrepreneurs are currently experiencing strong headwinds due to governmental measures for controlling the corona virus. Savings are shrinking, pension provisions are disappearing and support measures from the government do not fully cover all costs.

However, no matter how bitter it all may be: this is the period in which entrepreneurs are developing personally. This crisis forces you to show your qualities, it demands the utmost from everyone. That retailer without a web shop who suddenly has to find a way to sell via online channels. Because otherwise: no income. The hairdresser who sells a ‘do it yourself kit’ because they are closed. Or the entrepreneur, owning a shop which is open, who decides to sell products from colleagues from the hospitality branches who are closed. These entrepreneurs who must close their shop and so their passion are facing their worst fears as a part of their daily routine. We are all challenged to keep our dreams in mind and to not lose focus and energy. It may be clear that this is the time when it comes down to it.

Are you dreaming of changing your business plan, making changes or are you thinking about a new plan for some time? The question you can ask yourself is: 'What’s holding you back?' What excuse do you use to leave it as it is? 'What will others say about it?', or 'Too expensive or time consuming?' Take this in to consideration: what if it works?

Change means making choices and taking risks. Let’s be honest, change is never easy. For no one. There is only one question you should ask yourself for now. ‘What is most important for you at this moment?’ Because when you are sure about your motives and core values, choosing becomes even easier. I am reminding myself the good old quote from Walt Disney: ‘If you can dream it, you can do it’. It is as easy as that. Or maybe, as difficult as that…

You always have a choice, in every situation. Always. But the choice is yours.

So, what are you waiting for? The only one who needs to give permission to you is you. Stop delaying dreams and plans, the time is NOW. Are you ready for the future?

Do not hesitate and remember: What’s holding you back?

I’m curious to know what my writing evokes in you. What’s your view on this subject, and what possibilities do you observe? Join the conversation and share your thoughts in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you!

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