1-minute zebra story

By Ron van Helvoirt on Feb 12, 2021


Comparing quick thinkers and gifted people with a Zebra may seem a little strange at first sight. And yet there are similarities. A zebra is a special animal, the only soliped that man cannot tame, an animal that clearly distinguishes itself from other animals by its stripes. A herd of animals. That depends on its peers in order to survive. Which takes great care of its young. The resemblance starts with a fingerprint. It is unique to each human being. The same is true for Zebras. Every zebra is different. Every human being is different. These stripes make the zebra unique. Unique in appearance. Unique in behavior. Unique in reaction. The stripes stand for characteristics that help to avoid pitfalls and dangers.

Quick thinkers also have stripes. Stripes on their soul. Experiences. Properties that make them unique. Properties that are of incredible value. Atypical properties. Skills to be proud of. Information processing in all directions. In great speed. Thinking with the heart. Hypersensitive. An unusually large brain activity. A special way of living and thinking. A different kind of intelligence. A superpower that is used only sparsely. And that is a pity!

I’m curious to know what my writing evokes in you. What’s your view on this subject, and what possibilities do you observe? Join the conversation and share your thoughts in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you!

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