That blue duck, what does it stand for?

By Tineke Luimstra on Dec 15, 2020

Picture of a person smiling to the camera

Photo by Wout van Helvoirt

This question has been asked several times. Let's find out what’s behind this mysterious blue duck! Meet Wout, one of the founders of DUCKMADE, who likes to update us on the story behind his business:

During my time as a bioinformatics student, my teacher once told me that he was having trouble to sufficiently help out his students during one of his practical lectures. As it turned out he had a solution to this problem. This is where he showed me the blue rubber duck.

If one of his students would have a programming related issue during his lecture, he would put the rubber duck in front of the student. The student would then explain his/her issue to the rubber duck and, in most scenarios, the student would naturally figure out a solution.

Locating the core of the problem, being able to own the problem, and finally, figuring out how to solve the problem!

Wout van Helvoirt

All things considered, this little blue duck is capable of doing big things: the duck, which is you, is in full control of the problems and therefore: the solutions.

Our duck is ready to take on some new water and would love to help you out.

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I’m curious to know what my writing evokes in you. What’s your view on this subject, and what possibilities do you observe? Join the conversation and share your thoughts in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you!

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