New leadership starts with awareness

By Ron van Helvoirt on Dec 31, 2020

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Our world urgently needs new leadership

Unlike in the past, all elements at macro level - demographic, economic, social, cultural, technological, environmental and political - are now under pressure. We feel that this is no longer tenable. Positive change is needed to restore the balance towards an inclusive society. With new leaders and a different perspective on leadership.

The past

So many leaders, so many leadership styles. Many studies have been carried out into which leadership style can best be applied when. All recorded in as many management books and articles. Lecture rooms are full when a new leadership style has presented itself. Always the same people taking part. Always based on the one-size-fits-all principle.

Now that 2020 is coming to an end and a new cyclical law is starting, it is good to ask the question what kind of leadership is the answer to the changes that are coming.

The future

We have been presented with the bill for excessive capitalism and neo-liberalism. Exactly this is the main reason for the skewed balance of power between capital and labor, rich and poor, right and left, elite and citizens. Of increasing inequality with catastrophic consequences. Which is largely due to the stubbornness of the government.

Employer and employee have to deal with this. You see that people tend to fall back on old instinctive patterns. The largely disproportionate fear of corona shows this. To get out of this, a different way of life is needed. Our identity, which we now largely derive from material matters, will depend much more on the people and contacts we have. There will be developments both on a global scale and in local communities. Communities of which organizations are part.

This requires thorough preparation. This requires new leadership. Leadership that encourages creativity and removes fear. Leadership that encourages us to connect with people and the environment in a different way.

New leadership starts with awareness

Important aspects here are the different levels. The physical level, the feeling level, the thinking level, the social level and the spiritual level.

Becoming aware is our challenge. Because, becoming conscious and conscious thinking costs energy. We naturally prefer not to do that either. It is much more pleasant to rely on our routine. Our preconception is also in that routine. In our comfort zone. And that's handy too, because that comfort thinking is about 250,000 times faster than our conscious thinking. Conscious thinking, which takes place in our dis-comfort and is often new behavior. Acting from the comfort zone also costs a lot less energy. Is easier. Is often also learned behavior. This subconscious determines 95-97% of our behavior. A very small part of our behavior is therefore only conscious. And that is a pity. Because that is where our growth potential lies and the opening to new leadership!

The spiritual level

An inclusive society can only exist by being meaningful to each other, being able to develop your talents and knowing and pursuing the fulfillment of your deeper life purpose.

New leadership is much more than a layer of marketing, it is really a deep ground to move forward. The only way to achieve this is by opening up through your 'out of comfort zone' experiences. The strange, weird experiences outside your comfort zone, which are somewhat radical. Often strange. Usually they are very valuable. Not always but nine times out of ten, that's my conviction. And that's one way to find your purpose. We think the goal is a conclusion, something rational. It's certainly not a conversation on the couch. It is not a method or an exercise. They still take place in your head. The answer is in your subconscious. You have to be aware of that. It can appear spontaneously by merging different things. It comes to you. That is where your purpose unfolds. And we are no longer used to that in this day and age. We think that everything comes from the mind, but sometimes things come from the universe. Or whatever we want to call it.

No management books, but literature

Management books teach us nothing about ourselves and people. Don't challenge us to think more deeply about our real life purpose.

We have lost our intuitive side and imagination. Imagination comes just uninvited. During a walk, when reading a book, etcetera. These are valuable insights. Valuable answers. Believing in synchronicity. Surrendering to them is not haphazard. As long as you continue to lead from the mind detached from your heart, your body, the spirit of the age, the universe and nature, total independence, you will miss the essence. You miss the bond. New leadership is needed now, more than ever. It is not new either, we just have to rediscover it.

Compass laying on a pice of wood pointing to the north
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Book tips

  • Revolutie door schuld • Rein de Vries • ISBN 978 94 021 3554 1
  • Geweldloze communicatie • Marshall B. Rosenberg • ISBN 978 90 477 0361 7
  • Flow en de kunst van het zakendoen • Jan Bommerez • ISBN 978 94 6000 199 4
  • Door de bomen het bos zien • Jan Bommerez • ISBN 978 94 6000 196 3
  • Destructieve relaties op de schop • Jan Storms • ISBN 978 90 2021 105 1
  • Society 4.0 • Bob de Wit • ISBN 978 94 6215 715 6
  • Reinventing Organizations • Frederic Laloux • ISNB 978 90 823 4771 5

I’m curious to know what my writing evokes in you. What’s your view on this subject, and what possibilities do you observe? Join the conversation and share your thoughts in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you!

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