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As a kid I went to the Waldorf school, which is school based on the Rudolf Steiner’s educational philosophy that allows children to develop their intellectual, artistic and practical abilities in an integrated and holistic matter. I remember from that time that I’ve always felt some sort of distance between myself and the surrounding world. Even though it was hard to describe the feeling at that time, I was hoping that it would be easier after I’d finish my educational career. It did not...

I realized that my education, after going through the standard stuff and having completed a bachelor and master in science, did not taught me anything on the ‘real world’. Only on how to be the perfect role model within our current societal systems. Working during and after my education only further corroborated this to me. That’s not necessarily bad, however, once you realize that your so-called ‘freedom’ is really just a repeating daily routine with some slight variation, you cannot unsee it.

I started to direct my focus on books, documentaries, scientific studies and many other sources of information. I felt the deep urge to better understand the world and, most importantly, my role within it. I needed to find an answer to why I started having that particular feeling years ago. From that point on, my life has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride that’s not stopping anytime soon.

Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.

Roger Miller

To a new society

There is a lot wrong in the world... a lot. Technology is becoming more and more intertwined with our physical world and, as a result, is slowly pushing out our organic spirituality. We rely on computers and pseudo-science instead of trusting our own brain, or even our own eyes. This might sound far fetched to some, but I encourage you to look around. Our society is moving towards a metaverse — a digital internet experience that combines real and virtual worlds — and we are actively being reduced to singular replaceable beings with one purpose: to actively maintain the cycle of control of your own doing. It’s time to break out!

Together with my dad, Ron van Helvoirt, I founded DUCKMADE. DUCKMADE represents all the things we have learned over the years and, as I like to describe it, is a dynamic organic presence. It has a natural incentive to grow and develop, without binding itself to a physical state. So are DUCKMADE’s family members. We believe that consciousness is the way forward and the dominant factor in building communities for the rest of us.

For more on DUCKMADE and consciousness, I’d encourage you to browse and read our posts. Or you can start with the following post: ‘Together we create: the key to new communities’.

More on me

I originally come from a scientific background. I did my bachelor and master degree in bioinformatics — an interdisciplinary field that develops methods and software tools for understanding biological data. Before I started my studies I had little to no knowledge in software and product development, both of which I learned gradually along the way. I like to take complicated challenges head-on, and so I transitioned to a more general form of software development, outside the field of bioinformatics. Nowadays I direct my attention to many different fields and topics, whether they’re IT related or not. Curiosity drives the mind.

Even though I can work perfectly well on my own, the real enjoyment lies in being part of a healthy team with like-minded individuals. From a work and friendship related perspective. Most of my time is spend at DUCKMADE since it’s and extension of myself, however, when I do spend time elsewhere I tend to meditate myself on the outdoors, climbing sports, reading of books and enjoying time with my family.

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