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Transformational Coach and Mentor

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Transformational Coach and Career in Business

Before I started my study Transformational Coaching at the Wagner in Groningen, I worked as managing director in small and large businesses. In 2005 I established a training and consultancy company that’s now known as DUCKMADE. In addition, I’ve been a lecturer for more than seven years at the part-time technical business administration course at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen and startup coach at VentureLab North initiative of RUG University of Groningen. For a long time I have established, and invested in, several companies.

You can clearly see from my way of working that I started my career in business. This way I can work result- and client-oriented at the same time; I put clients to work and teach them to influence and regulate their behaviour. I am an experiential professional in the field of giftedness.

Specialized education, training and knowledge

Over the years I have followed various different courses (e.g., training, etc.) and acquired all sorts of knowledge on: transformational coaching, trauma coaching, working with high sensitivity (HSP), financial management, leadership, sales and marketing management, organization psychology, change management, consciousness, giftedness, body-soul-sprit.

Real transition can take place within two hours.

It wasn’t until later in life that I discovered that I have a conceptual brain. Over the years I have read a lot about it and have further developed my talent. I have learned how to use it myself and I help other conceptual minded inside and outside my coach practice, and now at DUCKMADE.

I have extensive experience in using these additional sources of information, in addition to the regular treatment methods, in the guidance of people and organizations.

Mentor and being gifted

I am also gifted. For giftedness, there is no single definition that is all-encompassing. For me, the meaning of giftedness comes closest to the Delphi model:

A gifted person is a quick and smart thinker, who can handle complex matters. Autonomous, curious and driven by nature. A sensitive and emotional person, intensely alive. He or she takes pleasure in creating.

In my work I benefit greatly from my giftedness. I quickly see which factors cause problems and which factors contribute to a good result. As an expert by experience, I know how easy it is for a gifted person to take the lead in different conversations, sweep others under the table — figuratively — and hold control firmly in own hands.

That all seems very cool, but because of all of this, the gifted person never gets around to experiencing his feelings, his pain. In addition the insight doesn't follow, crucial learning moments stay out and everything remains unchanged.

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