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Artificial Intelligence and Industry 4.0

Ron van HelvoirtBy Ron van Helvoirt
Nov 29, 2020  ❘  1 min read

When we talk about Artificial Intelligence, there are always two narratives:

  1. The doom scenario; there is nothing you can do about it as a human being.
  2. A solution to all problems; it is going to save you.
IT-based automated interaction of systems, applications and servicesIT-based automated interaction of systems, applications and services

IT-based automated interaction of systems, applications and services.

DUCKMADE is aware of possible ethical implications and is critical of empirically obtained data. After all, each system requires specific data. Which variable is needed? Which one do I take with me? Which services are taken over by using Artificial Intelligence? Often only the relatively simple tasks can be automated. The difficult and often emotional questions remain for the employees. The question is whether your employees are prepared for this? Will it be a doomsday scenario or a solution to the problem?


For users, what they can trust is always relevant. What they can understand. And whether this can be built on and its predictability. Developers normally only want to build beautiful and often complicated models with a large blackbox character. Often without considering the ethical consequences.

So, before we start designing on the basis of no-code, we bring users and developers together. DUCKMADE is the bridge function. Interested in our why of working no-code it-solutions towards Industry 4.0?

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