The mission

We believe that love — in its action as well as man’s innate ability — is the very foundation that guides us to connection and freedom.

With the higher mind orchestrating all our events, the source behind all our actions leads us towards a permanent increase of intelligence among society.

Step out of autopilot mode, find inner peace, and live the life that you deserve: you’re the creator of your own story, that’s immensely more beautiful.

Our family is here to help you on your way.

Towards a new society

How do we envision this new society? How will we realize our goal? What impact will this movement have on you and your business?

Our vision

We are an entrepreneurial platform for creating spaces where conscious people have the opportunity to realize their natural goals in life.

We facilitate the real encounter on the way towards a new society in which money serves only as the engine and connection factor.

A society with full transparency and without fragmentation, providing its participants the complete overview. A society where conscientious action is self-evident and everyone is aware of, and understands, the relationship between the ‘me’ and the ‘us’. Assuring this relationship happens through direct feedback system.

Our goal

Make your dreams come true and start building the new earth through your entrepreneurship. There’s the saying:

For those who believe, no explanation is necessary; For those wo do not believe, no explanation will suffice.

Joseph Dunninger

Whether you are a believer or not, we at DUCKMADE will push you to go beyond your present actions and thoughts. We’ll make you aware of the unknown and support you in your great effort towards realizing your entrepreneurial dreams from a different perspective.

We’ll help you understand and endure the massive transformation that is currently taking place by means of coaching and practical guidance. This is a difficult process because, until now, emotions of fear and the lack of trust among each other have been consciously created with the aim to exercise authority over you. However, as is often said, everything comes to an end. Yes, we at DUCKMADE also really believe that everything comes to an end. The only way to discover pleasure, contentment, peace, and serenity is to meet yourself deep within yourself, look honestly at who you are, and accept yourself as you are without any judgment. In collaboration with you, we’ll take away your obstructive conviction, so that you can fully enter into business in the new society.

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